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Myopia is the most common defect of vision, affects 30% of the European population, and constitutes the most frequent eye disorders. In the myopic subject the view from afar is reduced by making distant objects appear blurry. This happens as a result of a defect of the eye refraction, which makes it difficult to focus. The light rays from distant objects are to fall on a place before the retinal plane, generating a blur retinal.


What is myopia?

In some patients myopia you can do as an accompaniment to other retinal disorders resulting in visual impairment. In case of alterations of the central retina, or glasses or contact lenses will be sufficient to recover a clear view and view pictures not blurry.


In these cases even a refractive surgery to reduce myopia can reacquire the tenths, but at least allows to obtain greater visual acuity without the need for lenses or by employing a reduced diopter lenses, less thick and more aesthetically pleasing. The diopter is the value that expresses the ability of essential lens for a myopic eye to see well.

In cases of progressive myopia, due to a gradual elongation of the bulb, the surgery goes to correct the refractive defect present at the time of surgery, but is not able to eliminate the tendency to an increase of the length of the eyeball can not therefore prevent a subsequent worsening of myopia.

Visual acuity indicates the visual performance achievable by each eye. It is measured in tenths by reading the patient numbers and places varying size letters on specially designed boards. The smaller are the recognized symbols the greater the visual acuity.

The maximum value of the visual acuity of an eye in perfect health is ten tenths of millimeters (10/10).


What are the causes of myopia?

The main causes of myopia can be:

unusually long eyeball;

greater curvature than the norm of the cornea or the lens;

refractive power of the excessive lens (index myopia).


What are the symptoms of myopia?

The person suffering from myopia to see in sharp, needs consistently in all the activities carried out during the day, including driving, eyeglasses or corrective lenses that allow you to properly correct the incoming light rays into the eye in so as to form clear images on the retina.

The symptoms of myopia may include:

blurry vision in observing distant objects

The need to frequently squint to get a clear view

Eyestrain resulting in headaches



To diagnose myopia requires an eye examination with measurement of visual acuity:

Myopia diagnosis is made by the ophthalmologist during eye examination. The specialist measuring visual acuity and accurately determines the diopter of the visual defect, also with the aid of cicloplegiche drops, which produce the dilation of the pupil and a difficulty in focusing.

After the eye examination is determined the level of myopia expressed in diopters. Simplistically, the diopter power of the lens to match needed to see clearly the sull’ottotipo symbols, the board used ophthalmologist



You can correct myopia with glasses or contact lenses or you Piò required surgical intervention.

The photo refractive surgery recurring use of the excimer laser. The laser energy breaks the bonds between the molecules and produces an “evaporation” of the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Other surface surgery techniques include:

PRK, a variant and trans-epithelial PRK customized, one of the most modern technology currently available



Techniques intrastromal surgery (LASIK)


The refractive “customized” surgery is essential in the presence of high-order irregularities and allows a greater improvement of the retinal image quality obtained after the intervention elevating further the obtained visual quality.



They are recommended visits to control eye from the age of 4-5 years and if you have family history of eye disease even before this age.